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No b all things you suppose dey tell your partner,somethings wey you go talk wey go later turn fight between una. He dey very important make you understand your partner,make you know wetin he or she like.

Some things wey you go follow your partner talk fit cause fight when you yourself know say na joke.

 1. My Mama Fine Pass You.

Na you know say your mama fine,no matter how your mama take fine reach na your partner suppose be your number  1. E no mean say make you dey compare your partner with your mama. That thing dey spoil relationship.

2. Her Yansh Dey Big.

Na rudeness if you tell your partner say her bumbum dey big/don dey big. She fit no dey ok with ham. Your wife fit     dey think say you no like her yansh when E small. So make you dey very careful with wetin you go dey follow your partner yarn.

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3. Your Mama Sabi Cook Wella.

Your partner Food Suppose dey sweet for your mouth,make you dey complain or make you dey talk say your mama food sweet wella. That thing dey spoil relationship.

4. I Like The Way You Dey Snore.

How you take like the way wey your partner dey snore…He for make sense if you kuku find solution to wetin dey shele.

5. Respect

Make you  try dey give your partner respect anytime anyday…..Respect dey keep relationship long wella.





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