2019 New Year resolution: Five Tins To Do To Survive January

Jolly for December make some pipo forget say anoda year dey land and before you know am di brokeness wey go land na like dem dat dream sake of money mata.

See tips wey you fit use jolly di new year even if your December bin empty your pocket.

Five tins to do if you wan survive di longest month for di year

Olúwatósìn Olaseinde, wey be di founder of The Money Africa, wey dey teach young pipo how to handle money follow BBC News Pidgin yan on top di mata and dis na her opinion.

1. Reduce di amount of time you dey chop outside

Man wey dey cook

Reduce how many times you dey chop for outside follow for how you wan manage dis time around.

Di tin be say, normally, if you calculate wetin you dey use buy beta food to chop and money wey you go use cook food, you sef go see e cheap pass to cook.

Tosin tok say if e dey hard you to cook, maybe you be pesin wey dey leave alone, places dey wey dem fit cook large quantity of food dey wey you fit buy.

2. Get spend money play aka Budget

Pesin dey write for book

Pipo bin dey argue about goment budget for 2018 but you no get any. Ah! No be so oh!

Tosin tok say make you spend inside di amount of money wey you budget ti spend and make you no pass am.

For dis budget mata make e no be just for paper, make e dey for your mind and make you dey follow am bumper to bumper, e also mean say check all di habits wey you use finish money for December and no do am again.

Also she tok say, “make you withdraw wetin you need so temptation no hit for head say make you spend more than you budget.”

3. Price wetin you wan buy

Men wey dey use wheelbarrow sell yam

You don eva notice how tins dey cheap pass wen you buy am for market than wen you buy am for store?

You fit buy for market because di way dem dey arrange demself mean say you go fit get competitive prices of wetin you wan buy for around di same place.

Madam Tosin advise say you go fit do dis one na say dey compare di amount wey places dey sell di tin wey you wan buy.

Also make sure you chop before you enta market before money lost for your hand you go dey see tins wey you no need.

4. Learn to tok NO!

Some pipo dey wey shame go catch dem wen dem pick sometin wey dem find say price pass dia budget.

Dat cloth or drink or dat hangout no reach make you dey drink garri for di next month.

Dis sabi madam tok say make you no dey shame to say, “I no fit afford dis tin now.”

5. Follow your friend motor wen you wan go out

Pikin dem dey enta motor from church

Weda na work or school or even church sef you dey go, you fit reduce transportation if you waka with some bodI, wetin oyibo dey call carpool, even if you get motor.

No be only transport wahala e fit solve if una divide cost of transportation among una self but also go reduce amount of motor or road wey fit reduce traffic for road and help environment.


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