One Former Presidential Adviser wey b Tanko Yakasai don tok say make di Southeast produce Nigeria’s next president for 2023.

Yakasai don explain say di other regions of di country don produce Nigeria’s president except for di Southeast.

Featuring on Arise News, di Northern elder statesman don urge di Southeast make dem convince other regions make dem support dia push to become President.

According to Yakasai: “Nigeria get three major blocks. Two of these three names, the North and the West don get di opportunity of producing di President.

Therefore, Igbos get one good argument because out of di three siblings, two don already succeed at producing di President but di neva produce anyone.

“They (Igbo) deserve di sympathy of all Nigerians wey go make dem get it in 2023 or later. My opinion b say dis no b matter wey one go lie down and think say e go come to im.

“Effort dey needed. How we go do about am? Dis go only b done by persuasion to convince other Nigerians about di need for an Igbo to emerge di President of Nigeria.

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“I for one – I dey in support of am. I don do am before for di era of NPN (National Party of Nigeria) when we get one arrangement dat di next president after late President Shehu Shagari go come from di East.

We supposed don settled dis problem long ago if no b for di military intervention.

“So, I dey speak in support of Igbo presidency. I no want to fix a date because I no dey for di position to do that.

I don say dat di Igbo should go out and lobby other Nigerians and try to get dia consent and support to produce di president in 2023 and where Dem no dey no able to do dat in 2023 Dem go put a trajectory for Dem to produce di President next time.”

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