Some women for one village for Abuja, Nigeria capital, don tire for empty politician promise sotay dem don decide say nobodi go see dia leg near any polling station for 2019 election.

45-year-old Aishatu dey live for Kaida Sabo village for Gwagwala, and she get eye problem.

She say each time she wan see doctor, na to waka several kilometres to anoda community because her village no get primary health care centre.

Building wey dey inside bush
Na four years dem don dey build di health centre for di community

Halilu Ayali say every election year, politicians go line up for dia village dey do campaign, dey promise good road and evri-evri.

But dat afta di election, dem no keep to dia promises.

And dat because of dat, dem no get reasons to vote for 2019 election.

Madam Rhoda, wey dey live for di community, say women na dem di suffer pass for lack of social amenities for di area

many od di women dey depend on is kain help
Sometimes na inside moto NGOs dey helep pregnant women for Kaida village

Most pregnant women dey follow do dis kain journey and many of dem tell BBC Pidgin say di upandan waka don make dem lose dia pikin during child birth.

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Aishatu tok say “Na almost four years na im dem start dis hospital building and dem neva complete am.”

dem di vex
Di community pipo say na only wen politicians dey look for vote dem dey visit dia village

Di women for di community say e dey cost dem time, money and life to go hospital for oda communities and dat dem surprise dat even though goment bin promise health care for rural communities, dia community neva benefit.

Di bad road di affect dia business
Women on top pick-up dey cari dia kaya go market

Primary health care no be di only problem for di community.

Dem no get light, secondary school and good roads.

Most times afta dem harvest dia farm products, to cari go market na helele and water no dey dey for dry season.




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