If women run for every kontri for di world, living standards and things go improve, according to former US President Barack Obama.

Obama tok for Singapore say women no dey perfect, but e “clear say dem better pass men.

Im add say most of di problems from di world come from old people, mostly men, wey siddon ontop positions of power.

Obama also speak about political divides and di use of social media to spread fake news.

Di former presido tok for one private event ontop leadership say while im dey office, im wonder wetin di world go look like if na women dey run tins.

“Now women, I just want make una know say; una no perfect, but wetin I fit nack chest say na say you better pass us [men].

“I dey very confident say for two years if women run tins for every nation on earth, you go see ogbonge improvement across board ontop almost everything… living standards and outcomes.”

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Wen dem ask am if e go ever consider to go back to political leadership, im say im believe in leaders wey dey step aside wen di time come.

“If you look di world and look di problems, na usually old people, usually old men, wey no wan commot,” im tok.

“E dey important for political leaders to try to remind demsef say you dey dia to work, but you no dey dia for life, you no dey dia to helep your own sense of self importance on your own power.”

Mr Obama serve as US president from 2009 until 2017.

Since im commot di White House, im and former first lady Michelle Obama don set up foundation to mentor young leaders around di world.

Both of dem go Kuala Lumpur last week for one Obama Foundation event.

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