Burial mata: Why South Koreans dey bury pipo wey neva die

Hyowon Healing Center don do pass 25,000 pipo dem burial services. But all dis pipo wey dem bury still dey alive.

Di way dem dey do am na say, pesin go right dia last will and testaments, come lie down for coffin for like ten minutes.

One of di participants, 28 year old student, Choi Jin-kyu tell Reuters tori pipo say e bin no understand wetin im dey do there but di tok teach am say e bin dey see every bodi as competition and now e dey plan to start business instead of to enta job market.

Professor Yu Eun-sil, wey be doctor of pathology and wey done write book on death tok say e dey important for young pipo to learn and pipo to prepare for death.

Di pesin wey own di Hyowon company Jeong Yong-mun tok say e dey sweet am for belle wey pipo dey reconcile or forgive demselves for funeral but sometimes time don pass for dat kain monent.

Oga Jeong say di experience don help pipo wey be say dem wan commit suicide join.

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