Scientists for Cambridge dey plan to set up one research centre to develop new ways to repair di Earth climate.

E go investigate radical method (approach) like refreezing di Earth poles and removing CO2 from di atmosphere.

Dem dey create dis centre because of fears say di current approach no go fit on dia own stop dangerous and bad damage to di planet.

Dis plan na di first of dis kind for di world and fit lead to serious reductions for carbon emissions.

Na di goment former chief scientific adviser, Prof Sir David King, dey co-ordinate dis plan. E tell BBC News say;

“Wetin we go do ova di next 10 years na im we go take know exactly how di future of humanity for di next 10,000 years go be. No ogbonge centre like dis wey go focuse on dis one big issue, don dey for di world”

Some of di approach wey Sir David describe, na wetin dem know as geo-engineering.

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Dr Emily Shuckburgh, wey be climate scientist for Cambridge University, tok say di new centre mission go be to “solve di climate problem”.

“E get to be. And we no fit fail on dis,” she tok.

Di Centre for Climate Repair na part of di university Carbon Neutral Futures Initiative, wey Dr Shuckburgh dey lead.

E go bring togeda scientists and engineers wit social scientists.

“Dis na really one of di most important challenges of our time, and we know we need to dey respond to am wit all our efforts,” Dr Shuckburgh tell PEEGYN.

Wetin Refreezing di poles mean?

One of di most promising idea for refreezing di poles na to “brighten” di clouds above dem.

Di idea na to pump seawater up to tall masts, through very fine nozzles inside ship wey no pesin or crew member go dey.

Dis go produce tiny particles of salt wey dem go come inject enta inside di clouds, wey go makes dem dey more widespread and reflective, and cool di areas below dem.

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Graphic: How dem fit use di ship wey pesin no dey inside to 'brighten' clouds and reflect sunlight

Wetin Recycling CO2 mean?

Anoda new approach na di ogbonge idea wey dem call carbon capture and storage (CCS).

CCS involve to collect carbon dioxide emissions from coal or gas fire power stations or steel plants and store am underground.

Professor Peter Styring, from di University of Sheffield, dey develop one carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) pilot scheme wit Tata Steel inside Port Talbot for South Wales wey go recycles CO2 very well.

Graphic: How dem fit recycle CO2 into fuel

Dis scheme involve to set up plant on-site wey go convert di firm carbon emissions into fuel using di plant waste heat, according to Prof Styring.

“We get one source of hydrogen, we get one source of carbon dioxide, we get one source of heat and we get one source of renewable electricity from di plant,” e tell BBC News.

“We go control and use of all dem and we go make make synthetic fuels.”

Ocean greening

Oda ideas di centre go also look at include greening di oceans so dat dem go fit take up more CO2.

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Dis kain schemes involve fertilising di sea wit iron salts wey dey promote di growth of plankton.

Before experiment don show say dem no dey take up enof CO2 to make di scheme really worth am and e fit disturb di ecosystem

Graphic: How ocean greening' fit work





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