African Airlines don lose $400m (£312m) since di outbreak of di coronavirus for China for February, dis na according to di join bodi of global airline industry.

Di disease no too dey widespread for Africa like oda continents, but e don make plenti airlines like South African Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Air Tanzania, Air Mauritius, EgyptAir, RwandAir and Kenya Airways to suspend dia flights to go and come from China.

Di continent largest airline wey b Ethiopian Airlines, still dey use dia flights to go and come from five cities for China.

Vice-President of di International Air Transport Association (IATA), Raphael Kuuchi, don yan give BBC say di losses for di continent aviation industry na because dem suspend and cancel flights wey dey go China.

He tok say di effect of di virus go dey worse for African airlines – since last year dem lose $100m (£78m).

So far, dem don confam cases of coronavirus for Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria and Senegal.

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Di World Health Organization (WHO) don draw ear say di kontris wey get poor healthcare systems no fit cope with di outbreak and plenti of those kontris dey Africa.






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