Cameroon vote for dia lawmakers on Sunday even as fighting dey go on for Anglophone regions for three years now.

Information from Elections Cameroon (EleCam), di kontri independent office wey dey in charge of organizing elections inside Cameroon don show say thirty three (33) political parties na im present candidates for parliamentary elections while forty-four (43) political parties na im present candidates for municipal elections.

See di main tins wey we don learn from Cameroon 2020 twin elections:

How pipo dey feel about di elections
Kontri pipo dey feel say di election no make any sense especially for place wey b like Douala for littoral region weh na Maurice Kamto e stronghold.

So dem no vote, also big community for Anglophones weh deh run for Northwest and Southwest for dis town.

For Anglophone regions dem dey fear for komot vote as dem dey fear for dia lives.

Boycott by main opposition
Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM for Prof. Maurice Kamto, second big party afta di ruling CPDM for 2018 presidential elections, boycott de elections fro seka de crisis for Anglophone regions.

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Deh say make oda parties boycott de elections. Kamto e tok-tok pesin write for Facebook, ‘We no go vote, we don boycott’.

Even political group weh e di fight for change for Cameroon, ‘Stand-up for Cameroon’ weh Edith Kah Walla na coordinator march for pressure goment for shift de elections.

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Lockdown for Anglophone regions (No movement for English speaking regions)

Elections di hold wit Lockdown for Anglophone regions, plenti pipo no go komot for house.

Separatist impose lockdown from number 7 day go reach number 12 day for February for spoil election.

Some churches for de two regions celebrate Sunday mass for Saturday as pipo go remain for dia house for avoid trouble.

Separatists swear say elections no go hold for dia area. Before election violence increase, army and separatists fighters burn houses, kidnap, kill pipo for de two regions.

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Goment send 700 hundred para-military officers for de Anglophone regions on election day
Goment shing for shift dis election even wit all de wuruwuru for Anglophone regions.

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Instead goment send 700 hundred para-military officers for de Anglophone regions.

E good for note say deh no bi send dis plenti soldiers for de two regions for presidential elections.

International goments too put dia mouth for inside say make president Biya shift de elections.

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First time political parties
Na 33 parties dey for council and 42 for parliamentary elctions

De main parties for dis elections na Cameroon’s Peoples Democratic Movement, RDPC, Social Democratic Front, UNIVERS, PURS and National Reconciliation Party, NRP MANIDEM, UPC, UDC.

De first taim for PURS, UNIVERS and NRP parties.

How campaigns bi pass
Campaign for dis election for Anglophone regions bin get special touch as goment ministers enta armoured cars for go campaign for dia villages.

But, opposition no show sign say deh deh for de two regions especially for de villages.

Some political parties mash-mash wrapper for oda parties, tear dia flyers and oda campaign material.

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Without Braille paper ah no sure for vote candidate of ma choice
Election Observers
According to Cameroon goment, di Minister of Territorial Administration give access to 16,765 national and foreign observers wey travel to ten (10) Regions.

Concerning di English speaking regions wey be North-West and South-West Regions, di goment tok for statement wey dem release on election night say di population turn out plenty to vote.

Di goment also claim say na ova 150 journalists na im dem give access to cover elections inside dis two regions.

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Voting taim, voters, seats, term of office
For dis February 9 twin elections, from 8:00am go reach 6:00pm over 6 million Cameroonians go vote for 180 parliamentarians, and 360 councillors.

Deh lawmakers and councillors go make for office for 5 years.






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