Ghana: To cook meat, beans wit paracetamol na death be dat – Health authority

Local health authorities for Ghana don sama warning give food sellers for di kontri wey dey use paracetamol to cook meat and beans make dem stop, say e dey dangerous.

One health worker for di Wassa Akropong Government Hospital, Obed Sefah Boakye say wen dem use di drug for cooking, e go turn into anoda tin wey no be pain killer and e fit be poison.

Im explain say di poisonous chemical wey e turn to, fit cause kidney failure, liver failure, pancreatitis, lactic acidosis plus plenti oda orishirishi sickness.

According to Ghana News Agency, some food sellers for di kontri dey use paracetamol to cook meat and beans to make am soft sharply.

Oga Sefah draw ear give kontri pipo make dem dey careful wia dem from dey buy food.

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