How to save your mobile data

If you don eva sleep for night wit enough data for your phone, only to wake up see say na only like 10mb dey your phone, na dat day you go know say data struggle dey real.

E dey sweet wella to dey press phone dey check di latest tins wey your padi dem don post for Snapchat, Insta story and all di orishirishi apps wia di gist dey hot but all dis tins dey drink data well-well.

Evribodi know say data no cheap at all, abi how many times you don reason how you fit whyne momsi and popsi make dem increase your allawee so you go see more moni buy data?

Girl wey dey press phone inside bus

But no too worry, Oluwakorede Cole wey be Web Developer wit Haibrid yan BBC Pidgin sometins you fit do to manage di small data on top your phone.

  • Check di apps wey dey run for di background and deactivate background usage for apps wey no too dey important to you.
  • WiFi na your bestie. Use WiFi for heavy internet usage like app updates, offline map downloads.

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  • Streaming no dey epp mata. Make sure say you reduce streaming of music and video. Di make-sense tin to do na to download wit WiFi sef, if possible.
  • Phones dey always get setting to set limit on data usage. Dis one go make sure say you no pass di data limit wey you don set for any period of time.
  • Why you dey use big man browser forgorsake? Plenti modern browser get data saving option wey go helep you comot tins wey no dey important wen you dey browse. Some browsers go even block ads for you.
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