Husband And Wife

Son In Law To Be


One man escape for prison wey he dey for over 15years. He kon enter person house maybe he fit see money, naso he see this couple for bed.

He tell the guy say make he comot for the bed and he kuku tie ham for chair, as he dey tie the girl for bed,he kon climb the girl,he kiss her for neck,then he kon comot go bathroom.

Has he dey bathroom,na hin the husband dey tell hin wife say as he dey see the man say he b like say he just comot from prison and he never see woman for many years.If he touch you make you no complain oh,make you do anything wey he want so he no go kill us. Make you dey strong I LOVE YOU DEAR.

The wife kon talk say: he no kiss ham for neck say he be dey tell ham say him b gay say hin Husband na fine person,He kon say where Vaseline dey.I kuku tell ham say E dey bathroom. Do well honey. I LOVE YOU TOO.




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