If You Are Going To Make Heaven, Your Wife Will Know" - elsieisy blog

Dear husband,

I beg una in the name of anything,abeg make una take care of una wives well. Your wife na your mirror,reflection,representative,and ambassador.

If you dey go heaven,your wife go know, If she no know ehn, Oga you no go anywhere.

If i see how stressed,distressed,worn out some wives dey dey, I dey always feel for them and for my mind I dey blame the husband.

E no make sense make you turn your wife to multi-purpose maid unto say you don pay her bride price. E no dey ok if your wife just turn maid and she con dey grow muscle because say she dey pound yam. No need make you make her life hard because say she marry you.

If you see glowing,happy,independent and happy single mothers wey dey of your wife age,wey con dey look your wife pikin,na that time you go know say you don too use your wife.
Abeg make una dey make una wives dem dey always dey happy and make their mind cool.No leave all the house work for your wife alone make she do,you fit help ham too do small work. You fit split the work,Make you dey kitchen sometimes make u prepare wetin your pikin dem go chop. Use the muscles wey you get assisit,no be to dey beat your wife. Na sin to make your wife appear older than you are.

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Treat una wives like Queens.Make una dey considerate and compassionate. Make una buy dem clothes. Make una buy them beta gifts.




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