Kemi Adeosun Fake NYSC Certificate: Four Oda Tins Wey You Fit Get As Fake But No Know

Fake certificate, fake drivers licence, plus oda fake documents don put plenti pipo both big and small, young and old for serious palava inside Nigeria.

Last week, di before Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, explain for her resignation letter wey she send give President Muhammadu Buhari say she decide to resign afta she find out say her NYSC discharge certificate na fake.

Madam Adeosun tok say she dey shock well-well to finally see say di certificate wey she present for screening give Ogun State House of Assembly for 2011, Directorate of State Services (DSS) for 2015 plus National Assembly na fake. And dis one cost her her job.

Four oda tins wey pesin fit get as fake.

Fake Yellow card: Dis one no be today e don cause serious palava for Nigeria and even affect dia relationship wit oda kontris.

For 2012 South Africa and Nigeria get serious kwanta afta authorities for Johannesburg airport deport 125 Nigerians sake of say dia yellow fever vaccination certificates na fakes but Nigeria revenge back and deport some South Africa pipo.

Fake Drivers license : Some pipo wey don fall victim for fake drivers license palava don reveal how dem dey shock to discover say dia drivers license na fake. Some of dem even dey claim dey say na road safety pesin help dem arrange di license.

Fake motor Insurance: Early dis year, di Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA) say 64% of motor wey dey drive for road get fake insurance. Di chairmo add say out of 12.5 million motor only about 4.5 million na im dey register for dia database.

Di funny tin be say plenti pipo no even care weda di insurance na fake or not, but only care say dem get am.

Fake birth certificate: Dis one no be today e don dey. During di time wey all banks begin to follow di Bank Verification Number (BVN) policy of CBN, e expose many Nigerians wey get fake certificates and different dates of birth.

Local tori pipo Vanguard tok wit one official for one of di ogbonge bank inside di kontri and e tell how one pesin no fit remember im date of birth offhand because e get different date for certificate and international passport.

But no be today fake tins like certificate dey worry for inside Nigeria. Plenti pipo don suffer from fake papers too.


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