One issue wey cause plenti discussion for Nigeria for di past few days na di fact say President Muhammadu Buhari travel enter Saudi Arabia to attend conference from dia e go fly enter London and no go return to Nigeria until November 17.

Na on Saturday di Presido leave Saudi Arabia enter United Kingdom wia e go spend 17 days on top personal visit.

By di time President Buhari return to di kontri on 17th e go mean say di retired general don spend 425 days abroad in five years of im presidency.

PEEGYN check dia records and also use report wey Daily Trust do to compile places and days wey di president spend abroad since e enter office.


  • 3rd July (Niamey Niger) Conference on Boko Haram wey Buhari attend one week after swearin into office.
  • 4th July Ndjamena Chad- official visit
  • 7-8 July Germany- Honour G7 kontris invitation
  • 12-13 July South Africa- to attend di 25th AU summit
  • 19-23 July Washington- Official visit
  • 29-30 July Yaounde Cameroon- Official visit
  • 2-3 August Cotonou Benin, to celebrate independence
  • 7 September Accra Ghana official visit
  • 14-16 September Paris France official visit
  • 24-29 September New York 70th United Nations Assembly
  • 26-30th October- New Delhi India- India Africa Summit
  • 22-24 November Tehran Iran- Gas producing kontris meeting
  • 30th November Paris- Meeting of Paris club members
  • 4-5 December Johannesburg- China- Africa Summit
  • 10th December Benin Republic- Funeral of President Kerekou
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  • 8 January Benin- 11th meeting of River Niger linked kontris
  • 17-20 January Abu Dhabi UAE- High level Meeting on weapons
  • 26 January Addis Ababa- 26th Meeting of African Leaders
  • 27-29 January Nairobi Kenya official visit
  • 2-4 February Strasbourg France official visit
  • 5-10 Feb London Holiday
  • 18 Feb Egypt – Africa Summit 2016
  • 22-27 Feb Mecca, Saudi Arabia- official visit
  • 27-28 Feb Doha, Qatar OPEC gathering
  • 14 March Equatorial Guinea official visit
  • 30th March Washington- High level meeting on Nuclear
  • 11-14 April Beijin China official visit
  • 13-15 May London Meeting on global war on bribery and corruption
  • 6-19 July London – Sick leave
  • 8 August Chad swearing in of President Idris Deby
  • 27-28 August Nairobi Kenya- Tokyo gathering on Africa
  • 13-16 October Germany official visit
  • 14-18 November Marrakech Morroco- UN meeting on Climate change
  • 5-7 December Senegal Global meeting on restoring peace in Africa
  • 13 December Gambia ECOWAS meeting



  • 7 January Accra Ghana- Swearing in of President Nana Akufo
  • 12 January Gambia ECOWAS peace parley
  • 13-14 January Mali France- Africa summit
  • 19 January-30th March London Holiday and sick leave
  • 7th May – 13th August London Sick leave
  • 17-21 September New York 72nd UN General Assembly
  • 21-25th Sept London Holiday
  • 18-22nd October Turkey- Official visit and Meeting of developing countries
  • 24th October Niamey Niger, ECOWAS meeting on single currency for West Africa
  • 28th November Abidjan Ivory Coast- 5th EU Africa Summit
  • 11 December Paris France meeting on climate change
  • 18 December Niamey Niger, 59th independence day celebrations
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Buhari a Cameroon


  • 26-30th January Ethiopia 30th AU African Leaders summit
  • 5th March Ghana independence celebrations
  • 9-19 April London meeting of Commonwealth Nations
  • 28-30th April Washington Official visit
  • 1-2 May London on transit
  • 8-18 May London to see doctors
  • 10-12 June Morocco Official visit
  • 30 June 2 July Mauritania- EU Africa Summit
  • 15-18 July Netherlands meeting on ratification of ICC treaty
  • 29-30 July Lome Togo Meeting of ECOWAS leaders
  • 3-13 August London Holiday
  • 31 Aug-3rd Sept China- Africa China summit
  • 23-27 September New York UN General Assembly
  • 9 November France- Paris club meeting
  • 23 November Chad Meeting on Boko Haram
  • 2-3 December Poland official visit

Buhari da shugabanni


  • 1 April Senegal swearing of President Macky Sall
  • 4-6 April Jordan Meeting on Improving Economies of African countries
  • 7-11 April 9th Dubai investment conference
  • 13 Apr Chad Meeting of Sahel Kontris
  • 25 Apr -5 May London Holiday
  • 15 May -5 June Saudi Arabia lesser Hajj
  • 30 June- 2 July Organisation of Islamic Countries meeting
  • 6 July- Niamey EU Meeting on Commerce
  • 26 July Liberia Independence day
  • 25-30 Aug Japan meeting on Japan -Africa relations
  • 14 Sept Burkina Faso ECOwas meeting on terrorism
  • 25 Sept – Oct 1 New York Official visit
  • 2-3 South Africa Official visit
  • 21-23 Oct Sochi Russia
  • 28-31st October Saudi Arabia Investment conference
  • 31-17 November Personal visit
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If we join everything together e go show say President Buhari spend more than one year for im presidency wey e no dey Nigeria.

Dis na wetin make two groups of pipo dey discuss di issue, those wey support di travels and those wey feel say dem no get any use.

Na since opposition party through dia tok tok pesin Ibrahim Tsauri yan say all dis travel wey di President dey do na because e no value Nigerians.

But Presidency tok say all dis journey wey di Presido dey do get importance wella for di country economy.

Political scientist Dr Abubakar Kari wey dey University of Abuja yan say di President travels get importance for diplomacy and economy of Nigeria.

But the University man add say ” di problem wey dey dia be say up till now poor Nigerians dey say dem neva see anything on ground upon all di travels.”




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