Eleven states for Nigeria na im goment don confam say e get Lassa fever cases and say di dry season fit make am spread quick.

According to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) dis states na Ondo, Ogun, Ebonyi, Taraba, Kano, Bauchi, Delta, Plateau and Abia states.

Di weekly report wey NCDC dey release ontop di virus show say for di third week of 2020, 42 new cases dey for Ondo state, 33 for Ebonyi, 1 for Taraba, 1 for Plateau and 2 for Bauchi states.

For inside statement wey di agency release today, di agency tok say as at 24th of January 2020, 195 cases of Lassa fever don dey confamed, 29 pipo don die from di virus and e don reach eleven states. Of the confamed cases, 89% na from Ondo, Edo and Ebonyi States.

For one interview wey di oga of NCDC wey b Chikwe Ihekweazu wey im do wit local tori pipo, e say cases of Lassa fever dey rise between November and May wen dry season dey.

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For informate wey NCDC release inside major newspaper on Saturday, dem tok four tins to help citizens, of dem wey be to report shaparly if you no do feel well.

Names of stages wey NCDC want make pipo sabi
● Suspected Cases: Dis one na person wey get any or one of di following: malaise, fever, headache, sore throat, cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, myalgia, chest pain, hearing loss and if (a) E don come in contact with excreta or urine of rodents (b.) E get history or don dey for close range with person wey dem confirm Lassa fever case within a period of 21 days wen di symptoms begin show OR Any person wey dey bleed or lose blood.

• Confirmed Case: Wen laboratory test confam am say di suspected case of Lassa fever dey positive. (Positive IgM antibody, PCR or virus isolation)

• Probable Case: Pesin wey dem suspect get di virus come die or japa and e neva go laboratory for testing.

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Contact: Anyone wey don dey exposed to person wey get di virus or person wey don see infected person dey vomit, shit or see any part of im body within last three weeks of when dey declare say dis one dey confamed or get probable case of Lassa fever.

• Active State: Dis one mean say one confirmed case of Lassa fever dey and pipo don dey for close range with person wey catch di virus within 21 days wen im catch am.

• Case Fatality Rate (CFR) Dem dey tok dis one only when di case don dey confamed.

Di current outbreak of Lassa Fever happun for first week of January and by di 3rd week, 81 confamed new cases don dey, 89% of all di confamed cases na from Edo (38%), Ondo (38%) and Ebonyi (11%) states, according to di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Nigeria get five laboratories wey get capacity to diagnose di virus. Dis laboratories dey very important as e dey help reduce di time wey dem suspect a case to wen e dey confamed.

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