Nigeria neva mature to legit igbo for treatment – Medical experts

Psychiatrist Dr Raliat Akerele don sama warning say plenti wahala tanda dey wait Nigeria if Ondo State begin grow igbo and weed become legit for di kontri.

Dr Akerele warn say if goment give pipo free hand to dey use igbo, e go increase drug abuse, mental illness, increase jobless youths and even homelessness.

Dis dey come afta di oga patapata of di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah and Ondo State Govnor Rotimi Akeredolu travel go Thailand to study how dem take dey grow igbo for medical use.

Dr Akerele tok say even tho medical igbo dey useful, di drug supply system for Nigeria no dey controlled. She tell BBC Pidgin say, “If dem begin grow igbo for Ondo State come legalize am, any patient go fit enta any pharmacy to buy dis medical igbo over di counter witout prescription because di drug supply system for Nigeria no dey controlled.”

Dr Akerele wey dey work as psychiatrist for di Federal Neuro Psychiatrist Hospital Yaba Lagos, say most psychiatrists no too dey in support of marijuana production for di kontri because e fit cause mental illness like depression, anxiety, psychosis and many odas if pipo begin abuse am.

She add say di drug ward for Federal Neuro Psychiatrist Hospital, Yaba dey quick full and most of di patients dia bin dey abuse igbo.

Time neva reach to grow igbo

Man wey dey smoke igbo

Di Nigeria Medical Association also tok say time neva reach for Nigeria to begin grow or legalize igbo.

Dr Francis Faduyile wey be di National Presido of di association, tell BBC News Pidgin say drug laws and enforcement still dey poor and we neva show enough interest to control some of those drugs and how pipo dey use am.

Igbo still dey illegal for Nigeria and those wey dey plant, sell or use am, fit enta di same trouser wit di law.


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