Nigerian Police : LOL!

Nigerian Police officers at a road block …. as motorists are stuck in jam he stops a trailer
policeman : where is your permit
driver: hands in permit
policeman : do you have extinguisher.
driver : yes its there ….
policeman : light up your indicators
driver: exactly on point indicators work ….
policeman : do you have seat belt
driver : yes u can check …..
policeman : hoot a bit i hear …
driver: pipipipi
policeman turns to his fellow officer and says the man has everything let’s leave let him go.
As the motorist drives away officer shouts : is your simcard registered ?
motorist: no
officer : swine park there!. How can you drive without registering your number what if you get accident how will we identify you ….
Why Na?
1. You will cheat on your partner, you will still cheat during exams.. Your be cheetah??
2. You fix eye lashes like toothbrush, tattoo your body like vitafoam design, wear earrings like alloyrims and you want a God fearing man.. Sorry, God won’t give his saint to Devil’s saint, it doesn’t work that way.
3. Some girls will be scratching their buttocks in public as if it’s recharge card…Haba!
4. Some girls handbag be looking like ballot boxes.. as if they wanna go rig election.
5. Guys don’t put banana inside their boxers to deceive you girls, why put foam bra and foam bum bum to deceive guyz. You case dey heaven.
6. Girls and love of money shaaa!.. How can you be asking me “where is my gift? “on mother’s day?.. Are you my mother?
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