One boy don Burn All Certificates Because of one reason wey go shock you (Make una see im reason)

According to di video, one frustrated Nigerian boy don burn all im school certificates.
Di young boy claims say Nigerian education b total scam afta e spend plenti money on im education, for di end of everything job no go dey.

E don reveal say rich pipo wey dey fly dia pikin go abroad to study and afta dia education, Dem go get a better job and dey rich.

According to im statement;

“I dey burn all my certificates, education for Nigeria na scam our leaders dey dia telling us bullshit.

Our rich pipo go fly dia pikins go abroad to study, I dey burn all my certificates, everything

I no fit allow one white man make e control me, an Igbo man go b dia ich, do you think na education”

Make una watch di video for down:-

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