One lady don go blind afta e go tattoo im eyeballs (watch di video)

‘Dragon girl’, 24, wey don spend $26,000 for body modification don go BLIND for three weeks afta getting excruciating blue tattoos for im eyeballs

A ‘body modifier’ don speak about how she go blind for three weeks after she go tattoo im eyeballs with blue for an excruciating 40-minute procedure.

Amber Luke wey b 24, from di Central Coast, New South Wales, don spent $26,000 wey she don use to transform im look – undergoing an extreme body modifications wey b having im tongue split and earlobes stretched.

Di blue-haired body piercer get 200 tattoos from head go reach im toe and all get one breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers and pointed implants wey she place for ears.

But Amber – wey dey call imsef di ‘Blue Eyed White Dragon’ – don tok say di most dangerous procedure na for im to go get blue ink injected for im eyeballs.

‘I no even fit begin to describe give you wetin di feeling better like, di best thing wey fit tok b say once dem penetrate di eyeball with di ink, e go b like di tatto artist [di tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and com rub am for my eye,’ Amber yan dis one give Barcroft TV.

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Amber Luke (picture) don speak of di terrifying moment wen e go blind for three weeks afta e get im eyeballs tattooed with blue ink

Di body modification devotee don tok say e go blind go reach three weeks afta e get im eyeballs inked

Amber go tattoo im eyeball with blue ink wey take am 40 minutes to do.

Dat happened four times for every eye, dat dey pretty brutal. Unfortunately, my artist go too deep for my eyeball. If dem do your eyeball procedure’s correctly, you no go fit go blind at all. I dey blind for three weeks. day dey pretty brutal.’

Amber – wey plans to b ‘fully covered’ in tattoos by March 2020 – don tok say she no wan to get extreme body modifications again.

‘I no dey plan to get any more body modifications wey dey extreme in dat manner. So I no do tongue splitting again, I no do eyeball tattooing again,’ she tok.

Im mama wey b Vikki don speak out about di transformation, admitting she com dey cry wen im daughter go tattoo im eyeballs with blue ink.

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