Over 14 million Nigerians dey use drugs – World Drug don Report dis

Di World Drug Report for 2019 don put drug use prevalence for Nigeria go reach 14.4 percent of di population, representing 14.4 million Nigerians aged 15 go reach 64 years.

Dem revealed dis on Thursday, October 31st for Kaduna by di registrar of di Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), Elisha Mohammed, wen critical stakeholders com gathered to brainstorm ontop di alarming statistics on drug use prevalence for Nigeria and di way forward. Mohammed don tok curiosity and im peer pressure b di major factors wey dey push pipo especially those school children and young pesin into non-medical drug use.

Di seminar b for drugs and substance wey dem dey abuse for Northwest wey PCN and Codeine Control and other Related Matters Working Group don organized.Na to provide a platform for interaction to increase awareness of di effects of illicit drugs for di zone.

Mohammed don tok say e pained di Council for di development, as e affected di country’s productive population. According to her, di use of illicit drugs dey lead to brain damage which dey quite expensive to manage for rehabilitation centers. She begged passionately make children steer clear of drug abuse, warning dat e truncates life.

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“You get a great future. God don deposited plenti of potentials in you. Drug abuse dey affects di way your body dey perform. It dey affects those important parts wey dey your body.

“E dey change your brain chemistry. It go take control of your brain because e don affect di brain, many go become depressed. dem go dey look like mad pesin. Dem go engage in strange behavior.

“Di mata ontop drug abuse na big problem e b for Nigeria and all of us go come together make we come up with di way forward”, she tok dis.

Abeg make una come back for more tore.



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