Polio: Nigeria dey prepare for WHO to declare am free

Nigeria dey prepare seriously for World Health Organisation to declare say e dey polio free wit di immunisation plus days campaign wey don dey happun for different parts of di kontri.

Di last stage of di serious immunisation plus days campaign just begin for Rivers State southern Nigeria.

Di State Immunisation Officer Dr. Joseph Urang, tell PEEGYN say dis preparation don start since 2016 and dis na di last lap to make sure say evri pikin dey covered and get di polio vaccine.

Ogbonge immunisation against polio don dey shele through out di kontri.

Dis year alone for north of Nigeria, dem don do about eight immunisation plus days IPD campaigns, to make sure evri single pikin dey immunise.

Nigeria bin get bad experience for 2016 as WHO discover four new cases of polio for north of di kontri, just as e remain two months for am to collect certificate say e dey polio free.

Pikin dey collect immunisation for Port Harcourt

Dr. Urang say na di four new cases of polio from north make dem “start di process all over again and e dey take three years.”

“We dey look for pikin wey neva get di vaccine to make sure say evri pikin for Rivers State get di vaccine,” na im tok.

State like Rivers neva get any case polio since di last one wey dem bin get for 2006.

Pikin dey collect immunisation for Port Harcourt

From August to September, Nigeria go begin do certification wey go formally declare say di kontri dey polio free, becos for di last three years we never record any new case of polio disease and if we no record any new case, WHO go officially declare Nigeria Polio free.

Di advice na make parents allow dia pikin take di polio vaccine even if dem don take am before because e go help to boost dia immune system against di wild Polio virus.

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