Spotify allegedly working on music video player integration for app UI

Big changes are coming to Spotify this months! Here’s what you need to know.

Spotify is looking to make big changes in the coming months. Spotify recently signed deals with Joe Rogan and Kim Kardashian and DC for podcasts. A new change could also see music videos on the platform.

Jane Wong, who is known for scouring code to find hidden and future features, spotted the new video tab though it hasn’t been implemented yet. The tab will be available alongside the album art and Canvas tabs that are currently available in the Spotify app.

Spotfify video integration: What you need to know

What is Canvas?

If you’re not a Spotify user or have been using the music streaming service from the browser, Canvas is an animated loop that plays during tracks that have been provided by the artist.

Canvas is a fun little feature that adds a bit of creativity to your player window. It’s nice to have, but if anything it’s more an extension of the album art than new content.

According to Tech Radar, new video tab if its implemented could be a game-changer; it could allow the site to host music videos or even allow artists to create Spotify exclusive video content.

YouTube music will be replacing Google Play Music later this year; its most robust feature is its music video integration. Similarly, Spotify rival Tidal, which is owned by Jay-Z and other artists, is focusing on producing exclusive content that includes video and podcasts.

This is all speculation at the moment. However, looking at the exclusive deals that Spotify are signing using video to differentiate the platform is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Joe Rogan on Spotify Podcast

Having said that, though, there is a more practical reason that the video tab could be in development. The deal for Joe Rogan’s podcast will make it exclusively available from Spotify by the beginning of next year.

Rogan himself confirmed that the show would be available on Spotify alongside YouTube and the normal podcast channels from September. Rogan’s podcast has a massive following and streams live on YouTube.

As part of this deal it seems that video is definitely part of Spotify’s future, and this could be the quick and easy explanation for why the video tab is in development. This would also mean that this change should be implemented in the next few months.

Ready to compete

Spotify has solidified its position as the biggest streaming services in the world based on revenue.

However, it seems that the platform is now looking to compete with YouTube and the growing group of podcasting services to try and dominate video as well as podcasting content.

There’s no reason to believe that YouTube has exclusive rights to show music videos. Hence, it’s likely that Spotify would be able to build out their own video streaming service with their existing relationship in the music industry if that is their aim.

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